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>> john than? >> the stocks are hot but senior loans are a strong class. bsl and flot . xmon. i like and own when short term rates go up it is one of the few income oriented investments. now is the time to be a banker. and i have to tell you, johnathon. we are getting in earningings and so far things are not so great. how are you feeling about the market? >> i think stocks are a great class and by and large they are the event to own. you don't want to invent the farm. >> and john layfield. sunny and happy in bermuda, final thought. >> it is great in bermuda. we need tourist. i agree with johnathon. >> thank you so much. that's it for the cost of freedom block today. thank you for being here. we'll see you on fox.
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have a great weekend and stay warm and please don't get sick . th flu has now reached epidemic porportion and practically the entire country is in the red. elderly and children are most vulnerable . the centers for disease control and prevention reports that as of right now. 20 children have died from the flu or complications as a result of the flu. i am uma, this is american's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol. the flu virus is spreading across the nation and with the flu on the rise, so is the demand for the vaccine. new york governor declared a state of emergency. we have the latest on the situation. anna, what can we tell us. >> it is a epidemkick and the
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dreaded flu season started in december . some places in the country. vaccine shortages, the silver lining is that flu season may have peaked in the south. cvc estimated that the flu kills 24,000 people mostly the old and young . the majority of americans this year are seeing outbreaks in their community and a normal occurence. it was widespread in fren states . the onliitates according to the cvc without widespread flu california, mississippi and hawaii. the advice from physicians. wash your hands and avoid touching your face and keep your germs to yourself. >> if they are sick, don't come to work and don't go to the mall and go to school . don't hang out with your friends. if you are sick stay home and cough in your sleeve and arms.
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learn -- boston is hit hard and the death tollis 6 . 18 in all of massachusetts. state public health officials say the early arrival and fierce symptoms this season is causing patients to flood emergency rooms and a rush on the vaccine. this year 130 million doses was flu vaccine ared and 112 million are used. supplies are running low in places. but vaccine is still available . new york state andrew cuomo declaring a state wide public health emergency and urging everyone to get the vaccine. since the twine flu epidemic vaccination rates increased in the u.s. . half . americans have still yet to get the vaccine in yearr. >> it is a difficult situation. thank you very much.
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turning now to a big story making headlines. vice-president joe biden is expected to report his recommendation on gun violence to the president on tuesday. peter doocy has more. >> that's right, the obama task force led by joe biden is working on recommendations that president obama can turn in specific policy proposals with the goal of reducing gun violence. they are talking to victims and folks from hollywood and specific hints that the ce-president gave us about the group's discussion sounds like something out of the latest james bond movie, sky fall. >> we'll be meeting with technology experts, because to over state the case, a lot can change, for example if every gun purchased can only be fired by the person who purchased it.
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we literally would be unable to fire. that technology exists but it is extremely expensive. >> the national rifle association participated but characterized the administration's agenda as one attacking the second amendment. they don't think they got a fair shake and this is why. >> gun control is a failed experiment. joe biden pushed a gun ban and bill clinton justice department said it had no impact. look at mental health and violent culture and then start to make a difference in our kid's livings. >> on tuesday, the vice-president's group will deliver $recommendation to president obama. but joe biden thinks a great deal can be done to reduce gun violence without impinging on the rights guaranteeed by the
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second amendment. >> the gun control and expanding background checks and revive a band on military assault weapons will spark a big political fight in congress. some are charging that it is fueling concerns that the white house is trying to erode second amendment rights. >> thank you for having me. good to be here. >> first of all, this week as the vice-president suggested that executive orders and action can be taken to implement strict gun control laws. what impact could this have on the gun debate? >> this will have a tremendous impact. people are very concern spooked about what is happening. here, millions of people made the choice to purchase fire arms because they know that guns save lives and the rhetoric coming out of washgton d.c. with executive
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orders or andrew cuomo saying that confiscation is an option and iowa laww maker saying we need to take guns from them. there is it a concern that the right they have been able to enjoy, they may not be able to purchase a fire arm or limited in the choice, and as a result guns are flying off of the shelves and our membership in gun owners of america is sky rocketing and people want as with any insurance policy, they want to be able to get that insurance before there is a need or crisis. >> we are hearing that universal background checks and renewed ban will be among those recommendation that we will see on tuesday. what is your recommendation on this? >> we tried the ban approach and didn't stop columbine from occurring. that ban expired. the clinton ban expired and those guns were legal again .
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we are safer 10 years later, the murder rate plummeted and we are safer with all of the guns being legal. it underscores the point that banning guns does not make people safer f. it did it would have worked in washington d.c. in the heyday of their ban. we put up signs that said there are no guns here. anti-gun as someone will be. they will never put a sign in front of the home saying there are no guns here that. is a magnet for the criminal . it simagnet for the terrorist and criminals that want to make a name for themselves. >> there is calms for armed gaurs in all schools and now lib rams like democratic senator barbara boxer saying hold on, she introduced a proposal to the president to
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have federal funds to pay for armed security guards in the school. what do you say about the about face going on? >> i find it interesting in the 15 block or so area there is police to protect our congressman. how many have been protecting the children. my heart goes out to the parent in connecticut. i have lost a child through a tragedy and i know the pain they are feeling. with 7 school age children right now. if i had had a child in the school in connecticut, i would have hope prayed to good there would have been an armed teacher or principal to protect the children in the same way that joe myrick of pearl mississippi high school used his fire arm to stop a school shooting. that's what you have to do. when bad guys get their hands on guns, you need a good guy to stop them. >> do you think it is it
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possible to have a meaningful compromise? >> i think the second amendment precludes the compromise. the right of the people shall not be infringed. we need to get rid of the school zone loop hole where people can carry except at schools and those are the places that crimy nams target. >> you are taking a look at all of this, what are you hoping for come tuesday. do you think you will see recommendations to live with? i don't thinkk we will see meaningful recommendation. their old adage don't let a crisis go to waste. they are using the tragedy that happened in connecticut and tryying to exploit for their own political gain. >> as we move forward with the debate. you think we'll see further polarization in congress? >> i do, as a warning for
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legislators. president clinton lamented many times it was the gun control that he pushed in 1993 that cost him control of the congress. many pro gone gun democratic voters crossed over to vote republican. legislators need to remember that lesson and that may make many of them gun shy. >> thank you for insight. >> you're welcome. thank you very having me. >> for the other side of the debate. those who witness to brutal violence first hand. the debate over gun control is a emotional one. some are pushing for their own recommendation. joining us now william killbrew. he met with the vice-president and said there needs to be more gun control regulation. >> thank you for having me on the show. >> i know you met with the vice-president. i want to let our audience know you are a victim of
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brutal violence as you watched your mother and 12 year old brother murdered by your mom's estranged boyfriend employ. tell us what happened? >> i woke up to the screamms of my mom and when it was all said and done, marshall brent williams who was convicted of a 11 and half yearr sentence of second-degree murder got out and met my mom and got into a relationship and murdered her and killed my 12 year old brother and went back and shot her again and then put the gun to my head and i left there with no hope or dignity and my leader and my guide was bleeding to death. >> it is a heart breaking story and our heart goes out to you. >> thank you very much. >> what did you push forward in the meeting with the vice-president? >> for us, what is listening to what is happening in the table and the vice-president kept an open mind of what we
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need to do about this . the vice-president was clear in that meeting by saying, the answers are not here, all of the answers are not here and there needs to be a conversation with the american public on what, what needs to happen and neepeds to be addressed and the previous caller concluded what the white house has done and to conclude that the at this point is ahead of the process. we need to get through the process and listen to what the recommendations are and the foundation is recommending having their recommendation on monday morning . victims and survivors will have a voice. my mother and brother will have a voice and to conclude it is over with doesn't give hope to victims and survivors that are involved in this. >> and personally from you. from your vantage point what would you like to see happen? what is one recommendation that you would like to see?
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>> it is a bigger issue than gun violence . mental health and gun violence are key points bumpt look at what happens in the aftermath. kids still have to go to school in the fourth grade. i was 10 years old when my mom murdered. i had to go back to the fifth grade and sit with my classmates. we need training for our teachers and being trauma informed. the crayons and remend them of the blood they saw . for me the water fountain, i was recommended that my brother was hot and i saw a fountain of blood coming from him and when i walked to the water fountain it was a traumatizing experience. my teacher didn't know that. it is important to knet our services and everyone who has contact with the children and adults that suffer from trauma to be more trauma inned about the issues around traumma and the impact. >> it is it a sobering image
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that it is come to your mind when you think of what you were going through in school. do you think that when groups like the n ra push for arming security guards in all schools, do you think that type of recommendation can make a difference? >> the vice-president mentioned school resource officers and how important they were. how important they are with building relationships with childrens in schools and community policing is another avenue we can go down, but just putting guns in the hands of people in - that have them can be dangerous. one of the members held up a concealed weapon's permit and never had a gun or trained in her life . in virginia, she got on the internet and able to get a concealed gun permit and can use it in pennsylvania and colorado and that is dangerous. only time she was next to a gun was when she was shot at
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virginia tech. >> many people are going to tell you that gun owners, are law-abiding citizens that will not commit a crime. >> all law abiding citizens. we don't want to take the guns away from anybody that should have them. but a domestic abuser like marshall brent williams getting his hands on a gun it is a dangerous thing to have . somebody with a illness or a drug abuser, individuals like that that have guns in their hand. we have to make sure guns don't get in the hands of the people that shouldn't have them. national shouldn't have had a gun in his hand and shot my mother and brother. he impacted many people and then he took his own life. >> wow, you will have given us important thought to think about and reflections here and again, our heart goes out to you. such a sad situation and it is great to see you are trying to make a difference.
9:17 am
>> trauma survivors are doing the best to survive tep by step . for anybody that has that. go to www.thefoundation.organd go to our national center for trauma informed care. there is so much we can do about this issue, but log on and join us and join the conversation. >> all right, indeed. william, thank you for joining us. >> all the best to you. thank you so much. >> a number of states are looking to curtail the violence in our schoolings . texas lieutenant governor is calling for state funded fire arm training for teachers and they would decide who would get it and training. >> do you think that teachers should have weapon's training and carry guns at school.
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tweet us at twitter.cock/hurricaneuma. turning now to a story that fuels emotions. a colorado judge giving the man charged in the movie massacre two month to enter a plea. defense attorneys are requesting that delay until march and saying they are not ready to move ahead. the decision outraged the victim's family one father screamed out rot in hell >> it is a frustrate emotional time for a lot of people. >> it is going to be a lot of waiting but in the end justice will be served. >> i don't think he is insane. he is absolutelyy justt evilll. >> the judge's defensive move saying he granted the delayy because he didn't want to give the defense an opening to
9:19 am
appeal the case later on. >> and violence rages on in syria and more than 50 countryies calling on the un securitycouncil to bringg in the court. they are joining us from jerusalem for the latestt on this story, conor? >> the un said a letter will be delivered to the un security council requesting that syria be referred to the international criminal court . this would open up prosecution for war crimes and it is a significant step, but will not do much to end the violence in syria that continues day in and out as it has now for nearly two years. rebels have taken an important military air base in northern syria and syria military was using to launch air strikes . rebels say they control the air field. they have captured ammunition and weapons. they say it will help to limit
9:20 am
the number of air strikes that the syrian air force can lnchh on civilians. the ability to launchh air strikes is a cruciall part of the syrian regime to fight the rebels. but the rebels faced a set back outside of damascus, where the syrian military retaken a suburban neighborhood that was under the control of rebels. both sides seeing the victory and progress and both sides setting a set back in the battlefield in syria. this comes as the russian foreign ministers that he continue to back a peace effort, but not one that forces president assad to step down as a precondition for talks. very little is changing with the diplomatic efforts. the united states and europe press for ah assad to step
9:21 am
down. russia backs assad as the violence continues in syria, uma. >> coming up on america's news headquarters. starting this spring our troops will have a different mission. >> president obama discusses that mission in the weekly address this one day after meeting with afghan president karzai. stay with us. stouffer's is proud to make america's favorite lasagna... with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it? ...with best-in-class combined mpg... and more interior room than corolla and civic? ...and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra.
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welcome back everybody. it is a tale of two seasons in the country this weekend. the east coast is getting a taste of spring-like temperatures. people in the plainns and west coast are braving cold temperatures. parts of california were under the freeze warnings this morning and that account impact the crops out there. will they warm up before the weekend is over? maria molina will tell us what is going on in the fox weather center. >> we are looking at very cold temperatures. 30 degrees below average in the west and rockies and in the northern plainns. we had a strong cold front move through here and temperatures are 30 degrees cooler today . factor in the winds and it
9:26 am
feels colder. look at current wind chill temperatures it feels like 26 degrees below zero and 18 below zero in bis mark. it is frigit in the afternoon hours. the snow is over with in places in the northern plains and upper midwest. we had six inches of snowfall . they are lingering in parts of south dakota. we are already tracking our next storm system that could produce seveerr weather in the mississippi valley and very heavy rain. five inches expected and flooding will be a concern. >> wow, it is unbelievable the temperatures we are seeing. >> very warm indeed. >> what is trending right now on fox >> millions was americans are shocked when they open up the paychecks and with the new year came higher taxes. the pay roll tax cut was not
9:27 am
addressed in the fiscal cliff deal. it funds social security . one of the crim nams pardoned by mississippi governor halle barber. wayne thurman thomas targeted for the sale of marijuana was shot twice in the legg. the friends said thomas was shot 7 time died in the hospital. no charges are filed yet and authorities are investigating that crime . in florida, the ultimate adrenalin rush. python challenge. they are devastating the eco system in the florida everglades. the state is offering prize money to kill those snakes. they are believed to have come from a breeding facility that was destroyed from hurricane andrew. for more log on to fox
9:28 am what is next for afghanistan. molly will be yoins us with the latest on this story. >> have you dreamed of going to outer space? we may have a chance to win the trip to the final frontierr. details are coming up in my interview with former astronaut and legend buzz aldrin. stay with us. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i've got two tickets to see whaparadise!l set?mpbell's.
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>> welcome back everybody. the flew is taking people out all over the country . many are scrambling to dodge the bullet and get vaccinated. peterhas the story,? >>uma, federal health officials say there is vaccine. puyou may have to call around to find a clinic or wait for a
9:33 am
new shipment to arrive. >> vice-president joe biden will deliver gun recommendation after a meeting with the video represents. he's interested in technoly in preprent-- preventing a gun from being fired from anyone other than the person who bought the weapon. >> and in an upcoming interview lance armstrong usa reports that the disgraced cyclist will come clean but not go in great detail about the allegations that cost him 7 tour de france titles. there she is miss america, beauties from every state. dc and puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands compete in a pageant for a $50,000 scholarship and year long run for advocate for children's miracle network. uma, back to you. >> it is all about the talent,
9:34 am
just the talent. >> and the scholarship. >> and all right, peter. thank you very much. after a decade of war in afghanistan, president obama said afghan forces need to take control of the security rather than later. molly is joining us with a look. >> uma, they need to take control president obama said because by the end of 2014, america's war in afghanistan will be over it will be this spring and not the summer as discussed by the obama administration that afghan forces will take the lead in all of their country and u.s. troops will step back in the advising and assisting role. >> our forces are still in harm's way and make no mistake. our path is clear and we are moving forward. >> because after a decade of war, the nation we need to rebuild is our own. >> president obama met with
9:35 am
hamid karzai. he awaits recommendation from the pentagon and commanders on the ground as to the kind of military footprint they will need in afghanistan after 2014. and the white house has left open the possibility that the whoit white will leave troops there. nominees for security of state john kerry and chuck hagel. they are likely to favor a faster withdrawal of u.s. troops. republicans are urging caution and say we need to prevent al-qaida from moving back in afghanistan. >> they moved to north africa and moving back would not be difficult if we had a vacuum. we need to make sure the troops we train there are capable of filling the vacume of the u.s. forces when they leave. >> president obama and karzai endorsed the idea of opening a taliban political office in the country of qatar to
9:36 am
encourage them to work th us and not against us. >> thank you, molly very much. >> the great gun debate continues as vice-president biden wraps up his task force. joining us is the radio talk show host. welcome to the two of you. great to have you here today. >> wooltalk at what is in play right now. do you expect the white house is imposing ex-- executive orders? >> i don't know. i can't read their minds. i can understand the temptation. it is sensible andent and things that will not pass either of the houses of congress . it is fempting to want to do it by the mangic hand. i don't think that would be unpopular with that. but in congress, it is a constitutional battle for the ages and so bring it on. >> lessly, when it comes to
9:37 am
executive orders, a lot of people would be upset if the white house doesn't go through congress. >> i don't think there would be a executive order. but i disagree as to the response in the house and senate. whether there are people buying guns or ammunition. people want gun ownership and people are concerned about the background checks and some states like aurora, colorado, for example, there was no link to anyone with mental illness and that presents a problem. it is not a debate about taking away the second amendment it is a debate in unifying the country so we can be safer and we shouldn't be fearful to drop our children off at school. >> it can be if people are reasonable as leslie is, we can avoid the second amendment squabble and the nra are all about not taking exmental
9:38 am
patients and make sure about that. but talking about ammo clips and which guns are available that is second amendment issue and could get messy. >> when the nra talked about armed security guards, the white house dismissed that proposal as something they would not consider . now i mentioned earlier, senator barbara boxer is proposing legislation to bring up for the president to use federal funds to pay for the federal security guards. what do you think of this? >> i think there are democrats and leslie may be one of them who recognize good people with guns are not to be feared. david duhurst will provide state funding so teachers who want to can get training so they can stop the next adam lansa. that is nothing but a good idea. >> leslie?
9:39 am
>> oh, boy. how much time do we have? i will be brief. >> don't talk to me about the founding forefathers with high caliber magazine. they would roll over in their grave . i wished they could tell us whether they agree to that. columbine had armed guards in the school. i am not sure it will solve all. we have metal detectors in the la unified school districts and that doesn't stop them from bringing weapons and guns and hurting each other. you know, as far as the teacher training, i uncomfortable sending my child to school with a gun wi a teacher, i am more comfortable with a police officer. talking about hypocrisy, i think it is hiserical that they talk about armed guard and police officers, i thought
9:40 am
the uniworker that is you want to pay the paychecks and now hire more of them since newtown, don't butt more guns or clips on the list that can't be used. come on. >> there is it a moral equivalency . no such thing on the good gun or bad gun. it is depending on whose hand you find it. >> it is always wonderful to have you here on the show. >> and the f.b.i. said this man tried to bloww up innocent people in oregon. his attorney said he is the victim, next. and astronaut buzz aldrin joins us next. stay with us. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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9:45 am
haiti. greta plans to look at her time there and report on how the people of haiti are doing today as they recover from the aftermath of that quake. join us for on the record special rebuilding haiti. it starts tomorrow on fox news at 10:00 p.m. eastern. an update on the trial of a 19 year old man who tried to set off a car bomb in portland two years ago debated in front of a cane person jury. the defense argued that mohammed is a victim influenced by the f.b.i. sting operation and would not have carried it out on his own. prosecutor said the student was on a path of radical when the f.b.i. contacted him. every day commute came to a terrifying end for seattle bus riders. the driver heard a popping noise and minutes later the
9:46 am
bus burst in flames. the investigators say frozen brakes overheated may be to blame . >> name would astronaut buzz aldrin is sending a few lucky space fanatics out of this world. he plan to explain his new mission to me, coming your way next. using robotics and mobile technology, verizon innovators have made it possible for teachers to teach, and for a kid... nathan. tadpole. ... to feel like a kid again. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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>> for all of you adventure seekers, it is it a chance to go out on a final frontier. 22 people will be picked to train and then take a trip to outer space. it is sponsored and buzz aldrin, second man to walk on the moon is teaming up with the group and said ordinary citizens in space has been a dream of his for years. >> this opportunity has come along with the suborbital flights and a paring together a product line that is popular with the young people, young boys, chasing youngg girls,
9:51 am
not real young. we are not talking about boy, accident but talking about guys, guys and gals and the line of products is advertising to draw in the interest and now they have arranged 22 suborbital seats and rides for different people and to do this, not just within the u.s.. >> all over the world? >> all over the world . for people to go to acts apollo.comand they wanted to have something of the space program of the past attached to this to remind people in the suborbital flights that we had a heritage before the space shuttle that accomplishhed some wonderful things and we may get back to expanding our opportunities for exploration in the future
9:52 am
. the more young people especially in the education system, and the education people have come up with the acronym for satm. that sounds like a geek doesn't it? we need an a for arts and now that covers. journalism and music and dance law and all of the categoris and we pronounce it steam power. and that is more than geeks. we are declining in the world, and these education career fields. >> can you imagine how many people will compete for this great honor to take a flightt in space? how many young people will be excited about the opportunity justt like you were when you were a young man? >> well, there were not advertisements as racy and
9:53 am
spicy as the acts commercials are. >> it will certainly capture the imagination for a lot of people . that is something you are excited about. this is a push for you to get more young people involved. >> yeah, being an astronaut and going in space was flash gordon and buck rogers and after sputn ik it was clear that we would have something others than monkeys and dogs in space and we would have human beings . they flew before the president in responding to how to bring our technology higher level than russia is demonstrating to us? what can we do to help us bring our technologies forward and show to the rest of the world? it may end up being a race to see who can land a man on the
9:54 am
moon first and bring him back safely. >> i know you are setting your sights quickly in terms of going to mars, that is something that you are keen on . you are having a new book coming out in the spring to talk more about that? >> it is called mission to mars, national geographic and i tried to change the title to missions. it is a whole program building up from where we are and capability and our knowledge and our knowledge of the moon is greatter than any other nation here. we should have a heritage of the apollo days and using that plus other science visits to the moon, clearly, we are the leaders of lunar knowledge . we should be the leader of the international nations that come together regardless of whether we choose to send government people back there, once the government gets a
9:55 am
program going, it is rather hard to cancel it, put in a sunset clause to humans going back to the moon. that probably wouldn't sit too well. but i think this administration has charted a course that is beyond government people back to the moon. we can do commercial things, looking for ice water, separating that in to hydrogen oxygen which is rocket fuel we can be the ones, the united states, that brings together other nations to invest in an ongoing transportation system . understanding and becoming leaders and experts in space transportation is where we should direct our efforts. well, he's quite the visionary. you can go to act apollo.comto enter into the contest.
9:56 am
they have had over 200 flights and charging $100,000 for each flight. but the 22 lucky winners get to go for free. that is an adventure of a lifetime. it dad's show and he was upstaged by his pint sized pal. see baby ethan get his groove on. don't miss it. that's next . into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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